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Thank you for visiting my page!  My name is Kendra Dietz and I am addicted to eyelash extensions.  It all started when my best friend walked into the room with the most beautiful set of lashes.  I did not hesitate in asking her "what mascara is that!!?? It is fabulous!!"  To which she replied that it wasn't mascara at all, but eyelash extensions that are actually applied to each single natural eyelash.  Mind Blown.  I had never heard of such a thing before, but I knew immediately that I wanted to try it.  I quickly booked an appointment with her lash lady and have never looked back.   
As a stay at home mom to two daughters, who are now both in school full time, I started exploring my options to be productive in my spare time and combine some of the things I enjoy most.  When the thought of becoming certified as a lash extension artist came to me, it was a complete "aha" moment.  What better way to share my love of eyelash extensions than to start my own business helping other ladies love them too!

I can not wait to meet you and help you be the most natural, beautiful woman you can be.  I know how important my lashes are to me, and will do my absolute best to make sure you are as happy with your lashes as I am with mine.