Eyes Wide Open
Luxurious Eyelash Extensions
Care and Instructions

You should thoroughly clean your lashes with a mild cleanser as well as an eye makeup remover.   Lashes should be clear of any makeup residue so that time is not taken away from your appointment.    You will need to keep your lashes dry for 24-48 hours after the application so it's also a good idea to have your hair washed the day of or night before.


I highly recommend waiting 24-48hrs before exposing lashes to water.   Do not swim, shower, use hot tubs or steam rooms during the first 48hrs.   Doing so may not allow the glue to cure properly and cause lashes to prematurely fall off.   Please use a water based eye makeup remover, or even better, just a small amount of baby shampoo.   Any oil based remover or makeup will cause the bond between the glue and the lashes to weaken, also causing premature lash loss.  Even if you do not wear makeup while you have extensions, it is necessary to clean them daily. This ensures that any debris that can build up on your natural lashes is removed.  Not including this step in your aftercare can cause natural lashes to be weakend and may cause early shedding or damage to your growth. 

Gently brush your lashes daily with a disposable mascara wand to keep them aligned and looking fabulous.

Do not use Waterproof or Oil based mascara.  You shouldn't need any, but if you so chose to apply it,  I recommend a water based mascara.

Do not use an eyelash curler.

Do not pick, pull or rub your lashes, this will cause damage to your natural lashes.

If you experience any itching or irritation, contact your technician immediately.